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Services Provided

Translation and Interpretation services:

Business, professional and personal translation is available in the English, Czech and German languages as well as live interpretation between the Czech and English languages.  Fees vary according to type of service needed.

  • English Language lessons are available for both group and individual lessons. 

  • Lessons can be any frequency ranging from daily to once a week and can last from 60 to 180 minutes. 

  • Lessons are appropriate for all people, ages 1 to 99.

  • Lessons are encouraged to be with our two-person team but can be conversational with only a native English speaker or with a Czech Citizen for in depth translation of English grammar.  Fees vary. 

Just a sample of services provided:

  • Toddler/pre-school group sessions to learn first English words right with beginning language development

  • Post-secondary school group or individual lessons for University Exam preparation

  • Professional, business and practical English language lessons

  • Conversational English language improvement

  • Professional and practical English language improvement courses

  • Child to adult group and individual sessions

  • CFA, CEA, FCE, PET etc. exam preparation​

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